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20 June

"How AI & Chatbots Drive Brand Through Storytelling"

How AI & Chatbots Drive Brand Through Storytelling

One might think that storytelling doesn’t apply to AI, but as Jesse Damiani believes, it does. Storytelling is the original technology, and conversation is the engine behind this technology. Even though we are seeing Chatbots now, they have been around for more than millennia. Our brains are storytelling machines, and the same had been demonstrated by Heider-Simmel experiment back in the 1940’s. Storytelling is not just entertainment, it’s actually the core-building block of how your mind puts together and process the information. Every memory that one has is a story.

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22 June

"Developing an Effective Chatbot Strategy"

Developing an Effective Chatbot Strategy

There are two entities which are totally unavoidable for all of us:

  1. One is ‘limited information’, we live in a world of limited information as we do not have access to all the data that we need in order to help us understand the situation and scenarios of a concern.
  2. The other entity is ‘variety’ or variations, all data we look at is non-uniform and therein lies the problem and it is precisely, limited information and variety, occurring at the same time.
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25 June

"The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing"

The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

Chatbots, Alexa, androids, and tablet computers -- even 10 decades back, these inventions were only considered to be an imagination. Now automobiles can drive automatically, watches themselves can monitor calories, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) may predict and forecast a customer's every movement – almost like it is reading minds!

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28 June

"Artificial Intelligence taking shape in India’s IT services companies!"

Artificial Intelligence taking shape in India’s IT services companies!

To remain competitive and relevant with the fast-changing world headed towards complete digitalization, India's leading IT services firms, famous because of their cost-competitiveness, have started implementing more artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives since the technology has continued to gain traction. All these companies are betting big on providing added value to the clients who have disruptive technologies. The article below focuses towards answering the following questions:

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1 August

"AI in HR"

AI in HR Introduction

As we advance through the electronic era, every business is feeling the consequences of change. Intelligent Automation is no longer relegated to only the technology specialists -- it has been adopted extensively in IT and finance. Today, even HR has embraced IA as a means to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Since the business landscape becomes ever more aggressive, HR departments are recognizing the need to up their game.

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2 August

"Indian Banks adopting AI"

Indian Banks adopting AI

The banking industry is starting to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly. While the large commercial and investment banks worldwide are integrating AI and blockchain for both back-office and consumer-centric functions, in India, widespread adoption of these technologies hasn't come into action.

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5 August

"AI Start-ups serving Indian Agriculture – Use Cases"

AI Start-ups serving Indian Agriculture – Use Cases

Agriculture plays an Essential role in India's Economy. More than 58 percent of the rural households depend on agriculture as their mainstream mode of livelihood, as per the IBEF report. Agricultural exports constitute 10 percent of the nation's exports and are still the fourth-largest exported chief commodity class in India.

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5 August

"Artificial Intelligence in e-Commerce"

Artificial Intelligence in e-Commerce

With the increasing internet penetration, the e-commerce Business is flourishing in India. E-commerce firms in India have been in a cut-throat rivalry, all of them striving hard to outdo another. A number of successful e-commerce organizations are deploying artificial intelligence to build improved products, user expertise, smarter logistics, target the ideal demographics, and also be the favored alternative for their clients. They realize that distinction is essential to their survival in a challenging sector.

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