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20 June

"How AI & Chatbots Drive Brand Through Storytelling"

One might think that storytelling doesn’t apply to AI, but as Jesse Damiani believes, it does. Storytelling is the original technology, and conversation is the engine behind this technology. Even though we are seeing Chatbots now, they have been around for more than millennia. Our brains are storytelling machines, and the same had been demonstrated by Heider-Simmel experiment back in the 1940’s. Storytelling is not just entertainment, it’s actually the core-building block of how your mind puts together and process the information. Every memory that one has is a story.

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21 June

"Developing an Effective Chatbot Strategy"

There are two entities which are totally unavoidable for all of us:

  1. One is ‘limited information’, we live in a world of limited information as we do not have access to all the data that we need in order to help us understand the situation and scenarios of a concern.
  2. The other entity is ‘variety’ or variations, all data we look at is non-uniform and therein lies the problem and it is precisely, limited information and variety, occurring at the same time.
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